We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… Safety is a top priority for the ZEUS team whether it […]
ZEUS have zero tolerance for drink driving. On the lead up to city events or special occasions ZEUS make sure […]
“A game changer for the micro-mobility industry”. So what is it a Littree? A Littree is the world’s first solar […]
ZEUS take bad behaviour very seriously. Whether it be badly parked scooters, poor driving or vandalised scooters, they want to […]
Introducing Step 11 in ZEUS 100 Steps to Better Mobility, Mobility Events. Some people find it difficult to try something […]
If there’s one way to describe the ZEUS Scooters it’s how stable they are. Not only do they have three […]
We are now accepting Google Pay! Introducing Step 9 in ZEUS 100 Steps to Better Micromobility, Payment Methods. ZEUS have […]
Reduce the carbon footprint of your business! Introducing step 8 in ZEUS 100 steps to better micro-mobility, ZEUS Cooperate Scheme. […]
Introducing step 7 to better mobility – Subscription Passes. ZEUS are always trying to help to give you the best […]
‘100 Steps to Better Mobility’ with ZEUS. Step 6. Parking Safely The key to ending your ride successfully is parking […]