Zipp Rolls Out New Initiatives to Promote Safe and Efficient E-Scooter Usage

Barnstaple, 22 September 2023 – Zipp a leading provider of sustainable mobility solutions, is proud to announce three new initiatives during the 2023 European Mobility Week to boost active travel in Barnstaple.

Zipp’s ongoing collaboration with local employers and colleges in Barnstaple aims to educate users about responsible e-scooter usage and create dedicated infrastructure to support this environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

“By working together with local employers and institutions, we are taking significant steps toward promoting sustainable and responsible e-scooter usage in the local community,” said Steve Pyer, Head of Growth at Zipp Mobility. “Our initiatives are designed to not only educate users but also make it more convenient and safer for them to incorporate e-scooters into their daily lives”.

Initiative 1: Hospital Staff Training Day at North Devon District Hospital (NDDH)
Zipp recently conducted a comprehensive training day for hospital staff at North Devon District Hospital (NDDH) , allowing them to experience e-scooters firsthand. This initiative provided an opportunity for staff members to ask questions, receive guidance on safe riding practices and learn about designated e-scooter parking locations. As a result, a dedicated e-scooter parking bay has been established within the hospital premises, making it easier and safer for staff to incorporate e-scooters into their daily commute. Additionally, e-scooter champions have been identified within the hospital staff, enabling them to offer support and guidance to their colleagues seeking further training or assistance.

Initiative 2: Petroc College Welcome Festival Training Session
Zipp actively participated in the college welcome festival for new students, offering them the chance to try e-scooters and gain a comprehensive understanding of the rules and regulations governing private and trial e-scooter usage. This event coincided with the launch of a new e-scooter parking bay within the Petroc College grounds, benefiting both staff and students. As part of this collaborative effort, all college staff and students will receive discounted rates as they embrace the e-scooter scheme, promoting sustainable transportation solutions within the region.

Initiative 3: NODE Co-working Space E-Scooter Bay
Zipp is pleased to announce the approval to open a new e-scooter bay at the NODE co-working space in South Barnstaple. This strategic move aims to provide co-working space employees with a convenient and efficient mode of transportation, reducing the need for lengthy commutes and alleviating parking congestion in the area. By offering e-scooters as an alternative, Zipp is supporting the local workforce in choosing a quicker and eco-friendly means of commuting to work.

Zipp is committed to creating a greener and more sustainable future for local communities and these initiatives reflect the company’s dedication to collaborating with local employers to make e-scooter transportation safe, accessible and affordable for all.

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22 September 2023

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Editors Notes
Zipp Mobility is a significant player in the European micromobility sharing market, having launched e-scooter and e-bike operations locations across Ireland, the UK and Poland. Zipp was acquired by ZEUS Mobility Group in April 2023. ZEUS is Ireland’s largest micromobility company and previously grew its footprint in the UK with the acquisition of Zwings in 2022. The special feature of ZEUS Scooters: a second front wheel ensures greater safety and stability and thus a smoother ride.


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