ZEUS Scooters, have recently rolled out a highly anticipated app update, revolutionising the way users explore their cities. With this update, ZEUS users can now conveniently check and purchase ZEUS Passes that are specifically available for their city. This exciting feature opens the doors to special edition passes, providing users with unique benefits and experiences. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable update and highlight one of the newly introduced passes—the ZEUS 20:20 Pass.

Discover Exclusive ZEUS Passes: The latest ZEUS app update empowers users by allowing them to access a dedicated passes tab, where they can explore the diverse range of ZEUS Passes available in their city. By regularly checking this section, users can stay up to date with the latest additions and uncover passes tailored to their specific location. It’s an excellent opportunity to enhance your ZEUS scooter rides with exclusive perks and privileges.

Introducing the ZEUS 20:20 Pass: One of the most exciting additions to the range of ZEUS Passes is the ZEUS 20:20 Pass. Available not only in Russelsheim but also in select other cities, this pass promises an enhanced scooter rental experience for 20 days. What sets the ZEUS 20:20 Pass apart are its remarkable benefits, carefully curated to provide users with a truly rewarding journey.

Key Features of the ZEUS 20:20 Pass:

  1. 2 Unlocks: With the ZEUS 20:20 Pass, users can unlock ZEUS scooters twice during the pass duration, enabling greater flexibility and freedom to move around their city effortlessly.
  2. 20 Ride Minutes: This pass offers users 20 minutes of ride time per day, allowing them to explore various destinations and enjoy a smooth, eco-friendly mode of transportation.
  3. 20 Pause Minutes: Alongside ride minutes, the ZEUS 20:20 Pass provides 20 minutes of pause time each day. Users can take a break, run errands, or relax while keeping their scooter reserved for their convenience.

Experience the ZEUS 20:20 Pass and Beyond: The availability of the ZEUS 20:20 Pass is just the beginning of an exciting journey with ZEUS Scooters. As the passes tab continues to evolve, users can anticipate even more exclusive offerings tailored to their city’s unique features and preferences. By regularly checking for new passes, users can ensure they never miss out on an opportunity to elevate their ZEUS scooter experience.

Conclusion: The new app update for ZEUS Scooters brings a wealth of possibilities to users across various cities. With the introduction of exclusive ZEUS Passes, such as the remarkable ZEUS 20:20 Pass, riders can unlock a range of benefits and enjoy a convenient, eco-friendly mode of transportation. Don’t forget to explore the passes tab frequently to discover the latest additions and make the most of your ZEUS scooter rides. Happy scooting and happy exploring with ZEUS Scooters!


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