ZEUS are thrilled to unveil their latest initiative in the pursuit of sustainable transportation solutions. They trial pilot the Litree, Solar Powered Charge Project for e-scooters, in Regensburg. Zeus aims to revolutionize urban mobility while championing eco-friendly alternatives.

With a firm belief in the potential of sustainable micro-mobility, Zeus has embarked on this wireless pilot project to showcase the remarkable benefits of clean energy and drive the adoption of environmentally conscious transportation options. By partnering with Zolar, a renowned provider of solar charging solutions, Zeus has made charging e-scooters an effortless and eco-friendly experience.

Regensburg, a city that has warmly embraced Zeus and its micro mobility offerings for the past three years, is now home to three cutting-edge Zolar solar charging stations. These stations not only serve as a game-changer in the way e-scooters are charged but also highlight Zeus’s unwavering commitment to revolutionising urban transportation.

Damian Young, CEO of Zeus, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “The Zolar stations are a game-changer for the way e-scooters are charged. At Zeus, we are committed to revolutionising urban transportation. This project not only showcases the potential of clean energy but also demonstrates our dedication to providing innovative, eco-friendly options for urban commuters. We are paving the way towards a greener and more sustainable future.”

As part of this momentous endeavour, Zeus is proud to introduce its latest e-scooter model, the Z2, to Regensburg. This cutting-edge model offers a superior riding experience, designed to meet the needs and preferences of urban commuters. The Z2 features pneumatic tires, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even on Regensburg’s charming cobblestone streets. Indicating turn signals have been incorporated into the design to enhance safety for both riders and pedestrians. Additionally, the Z2 boasts a larger battery for an extended range, ensuring that commuters can rely on their e-scooters throughout the day. Furthermore, a convenient smartphone holder has been integrated to provide easy navigation and access to essential apps.

By combining solar power technology with advanced e-scooter design, Zeus is setting a new standard for sustainable transportation solutions. Through this Trial Pilot Solar Powered Charge Project, the company is not only providing a greener way to travel but also inspiring other cities and micro mobility providers to embrace environmentally friendly practices.

Zeus remains committed to its mission of transforming the way people move within cities. With the trial pilot solar powered charge project in Regensburg, Zeus takes a significant step towards achieving a future where clean and efficient transportation becomes the norm. As the company continues to innovate and expand its reach, it remains dedicated to providing sustainable alternatives that improve the quality of life for urban dwellers and preserve our planet for future generations.

Join Zeus on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable future and experience the difference firsthand with the all-new Z2 e-scooter model. Together, we can create a greener and more connected world.

Image credit : https://businessplus.ie/tech/solar-powered-charge-project-for-e-scooters-zeus/


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