ZEUS are thrilled to unveil their latest initiative in the pursuit of sustainable transportation solutions. They trial pilot the Litree, […]
Exciting News: Introducing the ZEUS Scooters Loyalty Scheme – Gamify Your Rides and Unlock Amazing Rewards! We understand the importance […]
Attention all riders! The next step is in motion and it’s a big one! ZEUS Scooters is excited to announce […]
ZEUS e-scooters are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation. They are not only fun to ride, but also eco-friendly […]
The next step in ZEUS 100 steps to better mobility is new parking spots! So, what’s so good about that? […]
As this weeks step to better mobility ZEUS are introducing further Dynamic Pricing. ZEUS understand the current rise in expenses […]
The recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria has left the world shocked. We have all seen the harrowing pictures. More […]
We are more than just a startup in the world of electric scooters. We are building a sustainable and robust […]
Do you know where the parking areas are and how to find them? Don’t worry, it’s very Simple to find […]
Zeus has a strong focus on helping businesses on their journey to becoming greener and having a positive impact on […]