‘100 Steps to Better Mobility’ with ZEUS. Step 6. Parking Safely

The key to ending your ride successfully is parking like a pro and we’re here to show you how!

ZEUS’ third wheel and double sided stand are there to help ensure that the scooters can be parked safely at ease. They do not simply tip over and thus do not block anyone’s path. Aside from this we have some pointers to help you park like a pro.

  • Ensure scooter is parked at least 1.6m away from the wall to allow passers-by to walk freely
  • Please ensure scooter is not obstructing any entrances
  • Please ensure any areas that may use by people with disabilities is not obstructed
  • Please ensure the scooter is not parked in private property
  • Please ensure you take an after rental photo that includes the whole scooter

To encourage users to park safely and as part of step 6 in ZEUS ‘100 Steps to Better Mobility’, ZEUS will award the user with the best parking photo this week. The ZEUS Team will be watching the parking photos carefully. Towards the end of the week 5 of the best parking photos will be selected and then YOU will decide who is the winner! Follow us on Instagram @zeusscooters_ and help us decide.


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