ZEUS Scooters launches in Kaiserslautern:   Kaiserslautern Germany, 17th of September 2022 – Kaiserslautern is the latest city in Germany to […]
ZEUS Scooters launches in Sindelfingen:   Sindelfingen Germany, 20/09/2022 – Sindelfingen is the latest city in Germany to be joining, the […]
ZEUS Giveback have donated 500 EUR to HOI! Psychosoziale Gemeinschaft e.V. as part of their e-moped city entry. The electric mopeds launched […]
ZEUS Scooters expands into Hagen City Centre:   Hagen Germany, 17/09/2022 – ZEUS expands into Hagen city centre to bring their […]
ZEUS takes part in European Mobility Week. European Mobility Week is from the 16th – 22nd September. “EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK is the […]
ZEUS launch its first fleet of E-Moped in the city of Kempten:     Kempten Allgäu, Germany, 15/09/2022 – ZEUS launch its […]
Introducing the newest feature on the ZEUS App, the in-app chat feature. Thanks to the new feature you can chat […]
You heard it right! ZEUS is multimodal. This week ZEUS launched their very own electric mopeds. Now available for users […]
IRELAND 29th AUGUST 2022: Ireland’s largest micro-mobility company, ZEUS Scooters, announced today its cash-plus-equity acquisition of Zwings, the leading British […]
With events increasing over the busy summer months and normality continues post COVID-19, ZEUS are looking to work with local […]