ZEUS Scooters expands into Hagen City Centre:  

Hagen Germany, 17/09/2022 – ZEUS expands into Hagen city centre to bring their unique 3 wheeled scooters to a larger community within the area. The Irish start-up has a sustainable approach and looks forward to enriching its service within the area. It will expand its operations into the city centre of Hagen after a successful trial in Haspe with 150 of scooters located at different locations across the city centre & Haspe. The ZEUS scooters are characterised by their three wheels, stable stand and high weight. They are a comfortable and safe means of transport for young and old.  

“Our scooters offer a safe and stable riding experience. We are very excited to be expanding our business zone and offering our unique scooters to the larger community” says Damian Young, founder and CEO of ZEUS Scooters. “We are looking forward to enriching the transport offerings within Hagen and working with the city to better enhance the transport options offered to the local community.” The electric scooters are an ideal option for the last mile, says Young. They enable riders to get to their destination quickly and in a climate-friendly way.  

ZEUS Scooters targets professionals, students, commuters and people who are looking for a safe and stable way to get around in these difficult times. The company is starting with 150 scooters across the area and will measure the fleet based on demand over the initial stage. ZEUS believe in slowly entering cities to allow the community to get used to the new offering available rather than overcrowding from the offset. The e-scooters should be a useful addition to the urban transport offer. At the same time, public space should be used considerately to preserve the cityscape. The third wheel and the stand ensure that the scooters can be parked safely. ZEUS will offer a parking based model and users can park in up to 100 different parking locations around the city. 

Worldwide, the ZEUS scooters are the first with three wheels instead of two. “This makes them more comfortable to ride and more robust. Users experience a smoother ride and they are fun to ride,” Young explains.  

Zeuser, ready, go!  

To rent a scooter, the ZEUS app is required. Therefore: download and officially register. Afterwards, users can locate the nearest scooter in the app. The basic fee is 1€ to unlock the scooter, each additional minute costs 0.28€. For frequent drivers, ZEUS also offers subscription packages that give them more for their money. For only 4.99€, you have unlimited activations of the scooters for 30 days. Users can also get an extra reward if they park in certain incentivised areas around Hagen, receiving 10% off their ride as standard but often additional promotions run on these areas. In case of problems, the German customer support is always available. This can be reached quickly and easily via app, online form, email or hotline and will find solutions to any difficulties.   

Cooperative “ZEUS Give Back Programme”  

“Our focus is clearly on the smaller towns and on the customers themselves. We are aiming for a thoughtful expansion and want to give something back to our customers and the cooperative city,” explains Damian Young. That’s why ZEUS Scooters donates a portion of the proceeds for every minute ridden to charitable projects in the city. Users are allowed to co-decide online or via app what the money should be donated to. This is intended to give locals an additional incentive to use the electric scooters on offer. More travel time therefore also means more benefits for the city and its citizens. The e-scooters are now distributed throughout the city.  

Short profile ZEUS Scooters  

ZEUS Scooters wants to make an active contribution to the sustainable transport revolution. The Irish provider specialises in the rental of e-scooters in small & medium-sized cities. For the urban city population – whether city dwellers, commuters, students or tourists – the electric scooters are an attractive alternative means of transport. The special feature of the ZEUS Scooters: a second front wheel provides more safety and stability and thus a smoother ride. ZEUS Scooters is currently represented in over 40 cities across Germany and has expanded across Europe and Asia this year. 

For more information, visit www.zeusscooters.com or social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

Contact the company:  

[email protected].  

+49 157 35981123 

Live Chat within the app 

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