ZEUS have zero tolerance for drink driving. On the lead up to city events or special occasions ZEUS make sure to put a focus on spreading awareness of the rules associated with drinking alcohol and driving scooters. These campaigns involve sending in-app notifications as well as email campaigns and social media posts.

Aside from this the ZEUS app has instructions on ‘How to ride’, these are available at all times for users to view. Steps on how to ride include information on the Gold Lightening Scooters, Alcohol limit, Age restrictions, Helmet requirements and much more. You can find these by clicking the hamburger icon in the top left of the app screen and clicking on the support icon.

How can I avoid drink-driving?

See below steps on how to avoid drink-driving from wisedriving.com

  1. Arrange for someone to be the designated driver
  2. Use public transport
  3. Stick to non-alcoholic
  4. Alcohol-free nights out
  5. Avoid peer pressure

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Check back next week when we announce the next step in ZEUS 100 steps to better mobility!


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