“A game changer for the micro-mobility industry”.

So what is it a Littree?

A Littree is the world’s first solar powered charging station for shared mobility. Both a locking and charging station operating entirely by solar power. Over the past few months the ZEUS team have been working hard to tackle certain factors of the micro-mobility ways. Listening to feedback from both users and non-users.


  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Reducing congestion
  • Reducing operation costs for operators
  • Local communities- A place to charge phones, laptops and e-bikes using locally generated renewable energy

The Littree has launched in Wuerzburg to power ZEUS Scooters’ fleet of shared e-scooters. Eco Urban Mobility Systems have plans to deploy up to 30 Littrees in Germany in 2022, with international expansion planned for 2023.

Check back next week when ZEUS announce the next step to better mobility!

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