Buckle up… ZEUS takes on 100 steps to better micro-mobility!

Step 1. Introduce a three-wheel scooter for a more stable experience, complete.

ZEUS have introduced the first 3-wheeled scooter as a much safer ride with increased stability. One of today’s life’s struggles is our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Most of us will drive or take a train to and from work and socialise through the use of social media without having to physically go anywhere to connect. With ZEUS Electric Scooters you are able to hop onto a scooter and get your body moving, safely. Although this isn’t a substitute for a workout, you will be working on strengthening your core and improving your balance whilst also getting some fresh air.

We are one step closer to better micro-mobility. Each week going forward, ZEUS will be stepping up, taking on a new factor for improving micro-mobility. We are looking forward to revealing our next step. Until then, stay safe!


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