At Zeus, we believe in providing a more comfortable and safer means of transport for everyone. We are constantly promoting how sustainable travel is more beneficial for our environment, and that sharing it with one another allows us to decrease our carbon footprint within our cities. We strive to improve micro mobility within cities, and so we must all work together and keep the roads and public areas free of clutter and keep the pavements accessible.

We strongly believe that public space should be used considerately in order to preserve the cityscape. Zeus’ unique three-wheel scooter and stable stand ensures that the scooters can be parked safely throughout the city. Parking rules are easy to follow and can leave a positive impact in your neighbourhood. Therefore, we urge you to always Park Properly and help keep pavements and public areas an accessible space for all.

So, how should you park a Zeus scooter correctly?

1. Keep It Tidy. Park your scooter in an orderly upright position, at least 1.6m way from the wall. A good tip is to allow enough space for passers-by to walk freely.

2. Don’t Block Traffic. Double check your parking choice, is it in the way of other vehicles? Keep Roads, Pedestrian crossings, and Bicycle lanes free.

3. Keep Access Points Free. We need to make sure not to block white pavement markings, driveways, public transport stops, or any areas that people with disabilities may use.

4. Don’t Park on Private Property. Ensure you are not blocking or parked on private property.

5. Use The stand. Ensure you use the stand to keep the scooter upright. A fallen scooter could cause accidents.

6. Photo Evidence Required. Do not forget to take a photo after you end the ride. Please include the whole scooter.

7. Remember the different parking zones. Study the zones before taking a ride to plan your parking accordingly.

What actions/measurements does Zeus undertake to ensure correct parking process?

Zeus informs all its riders on the correct parking process through the app, website and across our social media platforms. The Main way for us to see if the scooters are parked upright and not obstructing an area is through the photo evidence section on the app when you end the ride. Zeus has implemented a 3-strike system in order to address and hold users accountable for repetitive parking violations. Zeus believe in educating Zeusers rather than just implementing fines.

Strike 1: Contact the Customer and train them on user behaviour expected.

Strike 2: Issues a €30 fine.

Strike 3: User will be blocked from Zeus system.

ZEUS pro-actively looks after how users are parking Zeus Scooters daily. We have recently published an article in the Renningen city news magazine illuminating ZEUS’ system and how to park a scooter correctly. Click here for More information: Renningen Article


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