My name is Megan and I have been an intern here at ZEUS Scooters for the last 12 weeks. I am 20 years old and am currently in my third year of Commerce International in University College Dublin (UCD) here in Ireland. This course entails a general business degree alongside a language (Spanish, in my case!). I worked in a small betting shop for almost two and a half years until January of this year. For this reason, joining ZEUS was an entirely new and exciting experience for me and I would like to tell you about my experience. 

During my time at ZEUS, I have been very lucky to work in a wide range of departments such as marketing, finance, operations and more, as well as assisting on ad-hoc projects throughout. 

This was my first time working in marketing and it was a particularly challenging aspect of the internship for me as my strengths lie primarily in mathematical and numbers-based areas. However, getting the opportunity to work in an area outside of my comfort zone is always a great opportunity for personal growth. It was extremely exciting to see my marketing skills develop as time passed. I particularly enjoyed creating engaging content such as story quizzes on ZEUS trivia, safety procedures, 2 truths & 1 lie and more on our Instagram page! It was really exciting to see how much the followers enjoyed taking part as positive feedback is always excellent. It is wonderful to see the social media grow and begin to reach new and wider audiences! (Check it out for yourself 😉 ).

Another set of skills which I have gained during my time with the company is the importance of communication and time management. This is especially highlighted due to the remote working environment. I also learned how to plan out my day and manage my time effectively to ensure that I can get all of my tasks done in the available time, whilst balancing my studies as well! Many of these practices will likely last far beyond the end of the pandemic as many companies promise to adopt hybrid working environments. 

In addition, I have also had the opportunity to further develop my intercultural skills, as ZEUS has employees from a wide range of countries – including Ireland, Scotland, England, Turkey, Germany, Pakistan, India and Romania. It is great to be able to work with people from so many different backgrounds, to expand my horizons and gain new perspectives. 

A project which I particularly enjoyed working on was conducting research into the varying legislation for micro-mobility in a wide range of European countries. This also gave me a great opportunity to put some of the Microsoft excel skills I have been learning in university into practice by creating a comprehensive spreadsheet. I believe that micro-mobility options such as e-scooters will see exponential growth in the years to come, so it is fascinating to key some key insights into this area as well as refining my research skills prior to completing my final year in university.

Getting to see first-hand how new are implemented was also something which I found particularly interesting. Though my colleagues have clear roles in their areas of expertise, everyone is willing to get involved in all areas of the organization and share new ideas and alternative perspectives – something which I found surprising but overwhelmingly successful. 

And for me? I’m looking forward to watching ZEUS as it expands even further, and wish the company every success. I can’t wait to join the ZEUS revolution when the scooters appear here in Ireland. For now, it’s on to my next chapter, with a renewed work ethic, a far clearer picture of my goals and a myriad of new skills in tow!

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