ZEUS Scooters is now offering its e-scooter rental service in Konstanz. The Irish start-up has a sustainable approach. It is starting with 100 e-scooters at Lake Konstanz and will adjust the number depending on customer demand. In addition, ZEUS scooters are characterized by their three wheels, stable stand and high weight. They are a comfortable and safe means of transportation for young and old.

“Our scooters provide a safe and stable ride. At the same time, we promote sustainable transportation,” said Damian Young, founder and CEO of ZEUS Scooters. “We are looking forward to complementing inner-city traffic in Konstanz from now on.” The electric scooters are an ideal option for covering the last mile, he said. They allow riders to reach their destination quickly and in a climate-friendly manner. They are a real alternative to bicycles and local urban transport in Konstanz.

ZEUS Scooters wants to target students, tourists and also commuters as customers at Lake Konstanz. The provider is starting with 100 electric scooters. The number will be adjusted according to demand. This is because the e-scooters are intended as a sensible addition to the city’s transport services. At the same time, however, the public space is to be used respectfully and thus the cityscape preserved. The third wheel and the stand ensure that the scooters can be parked safely. They do not simply tip over and thus do not block anyone’s way.

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