Irish start-up ZEUS Scooters today celebrated the launch of its e-scooter rental service in Schweinfurt. This further expands the range of environmentally friendly transportation options in the city. With their three wheels, the electric pedal scooters offer a comfortable and safe means of transportation for citizens of all ages.

“Our scooters provide a safe and stable mode of transport at all times. Additionally, we are promoting the sustainable transport revolution and reducing the carbon footprint,” said Damian Young, founder and CEO of ZEUS Scooters. “We are looking forward to complementing inner-city traffic in Schweinfurt and  Würzburg from now on.” The electric scooters are an ideal option for covering the last mile, he said. They enable riders to reach their destination quickly and in a climate-friendly manner – an exemplary alternative to local urban transport. 30 scooters are now available for use throughout Schweinfurt while 100 scooters are operating in  Würzburg.

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